We have recently come up with the next big packaging innovation for the automotive and aerospace industry. This unique product is made of only premium quality material and is fully Lindt free. Since we want you to feel as confident as we do in our new solution, which is why they are anti-static and designed to be anti-scratch and with scruff preventing.

Our products are aimed to protect highly polish, highly gloss, painted parts, glass products and metals. Not only can you trust us to provide you with a high quality product but our product have certification across the industry from major auto manufacturers.

Is This the Product for You?

If you run an automotive or aerospace/defence industry then this product is perfect for you. These are suitable for manufacturers and aftermarket parts companies as well. Tri-Touch is perfect for electronics and clean room environments.

Tri-Touch is completely bespoke and customisable to meet your product requirements and we have a range of different materials which are suited to match your product. To make sure that Tri-Touch is ready for you it undergoes specialist coating treatment with unique fusing technology and specialist fibres can be inserted.

At Tripak Ltd we want everyone to benefit from our new solution, which is why we offer a range of prices to suit everyone’s needs. Our products range from economy/budget range to highly specialised materials with many different grades and materials available to suit each profile. We have a large array of sizes and formats available – layer sheets/pads, pouches, bags, dockets etc. This solution is designed to be reusable with eco-friendly alternatives available with lower carbon footprints.

Why Use Tripak Ltd?

We have been established since 1980, from this we have gained a wealth of experience and expertise as we not only supply to the UK but worldwide. We are now able to give you the best customer service, adaptive to changing markets and shifting needs. Which is why we have been able to create this new packaging innovation for our automotive and aerospace customers.


If you’re interested in getting your very own bespoke Tri-Touch packaging, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we would be happy to give you all the help and advice you need on our innovative solution.