1. Creating the Perfect Unboxing Experience

    There are few things as exciting as unpacking a box or an online order. Even if you know what its contents will be, the experience is always a memorable one. And what makes the whole thing even more memorable is the beautiful packing. In fact, that is the first physical contact your client has with your brand.

    Tripak gives you a range of packaging solutions & products to impress your clients. Here’s how you can successfully create the perfect unboxing experience for your clients.

    Creating the Right First Impressions

    Every time your product reaches your customer, you are creating a memorable experience. You must take the effort to create the right first impressions if you want your brand to have a high recall value.

    Savvy brands know that unboxing is a marketing tool that can clearly impress your customers. The packaging must be unique, top quality and more importantly, protect your product while being easy to handle.

    Social Medi

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  2. The Importance of Aerospace & Automotive Packaging

    Packaging consumables for the aerospace and automotive industry demand technical precision and expertise that must match strident industry standards. From manufacture and maintenance of aircraft to consumables in the car-manufacturing sector, Tripak has been a leading provider of packaging consumables, high specification tapes, films, foams and other products.

    The manufacture and maintenance of aircrafts and cars requires both innovative and state-of-the-art packaging solutions.

    Aerospace Packaging Requirements

    The aerospace industry requires composites and other cutting-edge materials that can withstand tough conditions. Composites are used in the production of fairings, wing structures, fuselage as well as specific structures within the aircraft.

    The need of the hour is cost-effective components that reduce fuel consumption, increase efficiency and are flexible enough for customisation, enabling performance at maximum effectiveness. Tripa

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  3. Just in Time Delivery on all our Products

    Here at TriPak Ltd we pride ourselves on being able to get our products to you as fast as possible! This is why we now have a brand-new fleet of vans that can be sent out to deliver your products, making sure you have them when you need them.

    Our new fleet of vans are perfect for ensuring that we get to you on time, and we've made sure that our drivers know the very best & quickest routes to take, to get to you. We have chosen to do this because this way we can be absolutely sure that we achieve great standards of shipping.

    We offer a great range of products such as custom printed tapes, boxes, edge protection, janitorial gloves, seals, basically everything you could need to send out your products safely. We understand how frustrating it can be to run out of a product that is a necessity to run your business, which is why we want to offer our customers our rapid delivery, to make sure you can get back up and running as soon as possible.

    Our product

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  4. Food Packaging Tips

    Food packaging requires a great deal of planning and forethought. For starters, the food package must conform to the industry standards. And it becomes imperative for food manufacturers and traders to ensure that the food product is delivered to the consumers in an intact, damage-free and contamination-free condition.

    When it comes to food packaging, Tripak Ltd offers unlimited options including custom packing. Our growing list of clients is a testimony to the fact that we understand the food packaging industry like no one does.

    While many food businesses consider packaging as an afterthought, it will be worth your while to give this aspect a deep consideration. You will know your customers are happy and keep coming back for more when they get the best quality food in the right kind of packaging.

    Here are some food packaging tips to keep in mind.

    Maximized Hygiene

    The most important aspect of food packaging is hygiene. Contaminatio

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  5. What Your Company Should Be Doing to Avoid Plastic

    Plastic – that ubiquitous material, which is now more of a concern for its non-recyclable and non-bio-degradable properties, may be affecting your business too. With more and more people preferring to avoid or reduce the use of plastics, shouldn’t your company also be thinking along the same lines for all your packaging needs?

    Tripak Ltd is your one-stop solution for all custom packing and packaging requirements. We can provide you with endless options to customise your packing while taking care to avoid plastic.

    Why Plastic is Losing its Popularity?

    Plastic production came as a boon to the manufacturing and trading industry. Packaging just about anything became a possibility. Since plastic provided a cost-effective, spill-proof form of packing, transportation over long distances also became easy to manage.

    However, plastic is now known to cause more harm than good to the environment. Growing plastic waste has raised concerns about environm

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  6. Packaging Safely & Correctly

    Whether you’re sending a product or a homemade item, you want to make sure it gets where it needs to be safely and correctly. At Tripak we don’t want you to put a lot of effort into your item for it to be damaged once it is received, which is why we wanted to talk to you about some of our dos and don’ts for packaging.

    As your parcel makes its journey, it will be surrounded by thousands more, passing across a lot of machinery and it may even have products stacked on top of it which is why it needs to be prepared!

    Packaging Dos:

    - Just use a simple cardboard box to pack your item safely.

    - Make sure to choose a box that is just the right size, so there isn’t much space between the item and the side of the box.

    - Use enough cushioning to protect your item.

    - It is important that your item doesn’t touch the side of the box.

    - Seal the box with reinforced paper tape.

    - Finally remove any old parcel labels.

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  7. Is Seasonal Packaging Worth it?

    Yes, definitely.

    Seasonal packaging is a powerful way of enhancing the appeal of your products during the festive season and even beyond. Seasonal packaging can help improve your sales and can boost your brand power too.

    In the lead up to Christmas, businesses must seriously consider seasonal packaging in their marketing strategies as they stand to gain in several ways.

    Increase Product Appeal

    Creative packaging increases product appeal.

    A product with a custom Christmas packaging imparts a sense of luxury. The custom packaging adds to the festive spirit, which is what your customers are exactly looking for to gift their loved ones during the Season.

    Persuade Purchase

    Products that are custom packaged for Christmas are more likely to persuade shoppers to buy. This is because buyers relate immediately to the packaging that’s in tune with the festive mood. As a result, shoppers connect to the product too, which

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  8. A Complete Guide to VCI Packaging

    Before we get into everything you need to know about VCI packaging, we should first talk about what it is. VCI stands for Volatile Chemical Inhibitors, these are high tech chemicals that are volatile in nature and they constantly vaporize and protect the metals from corrosion.

    Why do you need VCI Packaging?

    This type of packaging is used to protect against corrosion. Corrosion is a constant, indiscriminate and can be costly to metal parts, this happens especially when packaged for storage and distribution.

    Other traditional anti-corrosion methods can be messy, costly and also hazardous to not only personnel but to the environment as well.

    The packaging constantly releases a mixture of special chemicals that vaporize and create gases which have anti-corrosion properties. These special vapours form a very thin protective layer around the metal surface and prevent the metal from corrosion.

    Metal Wrap

    There are a range of me

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  9. Tri-Touch the New Packaging Innovation from Tripak Ltd

    We have recently come up with the next big packaging innovation for the automotive and aerospace industry. This unique product is made of only premium quality material and is fully Lindt free. Since we want you to feel as confident as we do in our new solution, which is why they are anti-static and designed to be anti-scratch and with scruff preventing.

    Our products are aimed to protect highly polish, highly gloss, painted parts, glass products and metals. Not only can you trust us to provide you with a high quality product but our product have certification across the industry from major auto manufacturers.

    Is This the Product for You?

    If you run an automotive or aerospace/defence industry then this product is perfect for you. These are suitable for manufacturers and aftermarket parts companies as well. Tri-Touch is perfect for electronics and clean room environments.

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  10. Benefits of Anti Static Packaging

    Anti static bags, or anti static packaging, are used for the shipping of electronic components and devices. They are used to prevent electrostatic or static electricity from damaging electronic items in transit. There are two main kinds, which can be identified by colour: silver, for metallised PET film and other plastics, and pink or black, for polyethylene. Polyethylene is also produced as foam or bubble wrap in sheets and bags.

    What is Electrostatic?

    When materials rub together, an electric charge can build up. If the material is an insulator, that charge is held and doesn’t move and we refer to this as static electricity. When the charged object is then brought near an electrically neutral object there is an electrostatic discharge – or static electric shock – as the charge is neutralised.

    We are all f

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