Yes, definitely.

Seasonal packaging is a powerful way of enhancing the appeal of your products during the festive season and even beyond. Seasonal packaging can help improve your sales and can boost your brand power too.

In the lead up to Christmas, businesses must seriously consider seasonal packaging in their marketing strategies as they stand to gain in several ways.

Increase Product Appeal

Creative packaging increases product appeal.

A product with a custom Christmas packaging imparts a sense of luxury. The custom packaging adds to the festive spirit, which is what your customers are exactly looking for to gift their loved ones during the Season.

Persuade Purchase

Products that are custom packaged for Christmas are more likely to persuade shoppers to buy. This is because buyers relate immediately to the packaging that’s in tune with the festive mood. As a result, shoppers connect to the product too, which more often than not, leads to impulse purchases.

Build Brand Loyalty

The connect that a well-designed custom Christmas packing can establish is powerful. Well-designed seasonal packaging connects with your customers on an emotional level.

When chosen right, the colours, themes, imagery and content of the packaging can speak to your customers and evoke their emotions. A Christmas packaging may, for example, evoke memories of childhood holidays.

This emotional connection creates memorable experiences for customers with your brand, which they are going to remember for long, thereby inspiring a strong brand loyalty.

Seasonal Packaging Tips

Design seasonal packaging products that benefit the buyer. You could, for example, consider personalised product packages – the option of having a loved one’s name written on the product, for example, personalises the product and increases its value for the buyer. Reusable product packaging is also a great way to catch buyers’ interest. The use of plush reusable boxes and tins is a winning example.

Ensure that your Christmas packaging aligns with your brand. Otherwise, customers may not be able to recognise your brand or connect with your product. This can not only affect sales but also result in customer backlash.

Use seasonal packaging for Christmas as an opportunity to present your brand at your creative best. It is important to study your competitors and their seasonal packaging strategies to understand why they did or didn’t work. You can also get inspiring ideas by looking outside your industry.

Online marketplaces such as Amazon are often the first place that buyers go to for their festive purchases. So, often, it is the marketplace, and not your brand, that remains in their minds. Make your Christmas seasonal packaging stand out so that it is your brand and not an online marketplace that is remembered if you are selling your product on such platforms. With a well-planned and implemented seasonal Christmas packaging strategy, you can catch and retain buyer interest even if you are selling on an online marketplace.

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