The right packaging can get your product to your customer in perfect condition, and furthermore it can impress them with how professional your operation is. It may be important to make a great impression, and in that case you may want to use packaging from premier providers such as Scapa, Tesa, 3M and Intertape.

However, many producers need to consider price first, and they may find that the equivalent generic packaging meets their specifications.

If your product needs to travel to your customer, we offer a wide range of postal, protective and transit packaging to ensure it gets there safely in perfect condition. Foam, desiccants, polystyrene, silica gels and other products will ensure that internet-ordered goods arrive looking great. Inflatable voids can be used to pack round items, without wasting large sheets of wrap.

Meanwhile, the NEWAIR I.B.®EXPRESS is ideal as a bubble-wrap provider for a home or factory business that is dispatching fragile goods. It’s versatile and because it only inflates once in use, it has a small footprint. For larger and more professional requirements, try a full packaging station with integrated equipment for wrapping, packing and cutting.

Specialised Treatments

Anti-static foams and packaging are used for specialised requirements where delicate items are being transported, particularly electronics. For example Plastazote Foams are used in many applications, including healthcare products and automotive parts. Evazote foams are found in many leisure and sports industry products because they are durable and have chemical resistance – ideal for expansion joints.

Anti-corrosion packaging is used for metal products – they are sealed in a vapour which protects the metal surface until the package is opened.

These are a few of the special packaging treatments you can use to ensure your customers get their products in tip-top condition. Take a look at our site and get the right packaging for your product today!