Printed Kraft Paper Tape

Printed Kraft Paper Tape

Printed Gummed Paper Water Activated (WAT) Tape

Printed Water Activated (WAT) Tape
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Water activated tape (WAT) is also known as gummed paper tape is gaining popularity for carton sealing. This is due to its eco credentials as it also outperforms some conventional plastic tapes – it also works out cheaper!

Water activated adhesive penetrates the surface of cartons providing a very strong and secure closure, giving a reinforced superior strength.

This tape is great if you’re looking to go green, and you want to swap out your polypropylene packaging tape. But not only is this great for your business you can also get your own company’s logo printed onto the tape!

They are also fully customisable to add your own business logo, and you can choose between brown or white colours for your tape. We understand that this may not be a business expense, which is why we offer great value for money on all our tapes.

We also supply a range of printed tapes, like PVC vinyl, PP tape and Kraft tape.

If you’re interested buying our printed gummed paper water activated tape, and you have any questions regarding our product, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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