1. Keeping Your Shipment Secure

    When it comes to shipping or sending your products through courier, it becomes imperative to ensure that the package remains secure while in transit. After all, it’s important to ensure the contents reach their destination in their original shape. Keeping the shipment secure becomes easy to manage if you use stretch wrapping film for your boxes and pallets.

    Stretch and Pallet Wrapping Benefits

    A stretch wrap film can firmly secure your boxes and packages. You can use film dispensers, turntables to wrap boxes and parcels, no matter the size. Stretch wrapping helps to keep shipping pallets from moving. When secured with film wrapping, you don’t have to worry about your missing or lost parcels.

    Stretch Wrapping Tools

    For secure stretch and pallet wrapping, you will need film rolls that are available in varied sizes. A film dispenser can help in dispensing the right quantity of film and you can use a turntable to keep the package in place whil

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  2. Using Hotmelt Glues for Sealing

    Hotmelt glues are great to use just about anywhere. You can use them for simple art and craft projects. You can use them at home and in your workshop. They are also frequently used in industrial applications. In other words, think about anything that needs sealing, securing or adhering and hotmelt glue sticks and glue guns play the role to perfection.

    Hotmelt glues and applicators have made life easy for everyone. From creative school projects to art installations, you don’t have to worry anymore about messy glue problems. Simply get a set of hotmelt glue sticks and an applicator and get the job done in a jiffy.

    How Does Hotmelt Glue Work?

    The hotmelt glue stick is a thermoplastic adhesive, cylindrical and translucent, and fits in a hot glue gun or applicator. The applicator is designed to be hand-held and heats or melts the glue continuously. The glue is applied with the help of a nozzle and you can be assured only the right amount of glue that is r

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  3. How Printed Tapes Can Enhance Your Business’ Packaging

    It is an undeniable fact that packaging has a huge influence on customer behaviour. Several aspects of packaging such as the shape, design, colour and customisation play an important role in impressing customers, retaining them and increasing your sales.

    When your customers receive your shipment, even before they begin using your products, the brand experience and brand association begin with the product packaging. When a customer receives a perfectly packed shipment, it conveys the message that you care for your customers' safety.

    If you are still not using printed packaging tapes, here are the top reasons to do so.


    Customised printed tapes can help improve traceability, especially for food products. With printed tapes, you can include your EC number on your shipments, helping with supplier and batch identification, thereby improving traceability.


    First impressions are lasting. With custo

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  4. Reusing Your Cardboard Boxes

    If you receive plenty of cardboard boxes as part of your business, it’s time to look for recycling options for them. You cannot just throw them away; you need to put them to some use. This will help you do your bit towards a sustainable lifestyle and a greener planet.

    It is a good idea to invest in packaging shredders so you can shred the cardboard boxes and put them to productive use. Here are some ways in which you can use shredded cardboard boxes.

    Packaging Delicate Items

    The best way to use shredded cardboard boxes is by using them for packaging. Delicate items such as artefacts or glass items are susceptible to cracks and damages if they are not packaged with care. Instead of using plastic packaging, consider using shredded cardboard boxes, which will serve the purpose very well.

    Potting Soil

    Some types of biodegradable cardboards are very good for the soil and can help improve the soil texture. Such cardboard shreds can

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  5. Using Security Seals to Protect Your Products

    Whether you manufacture electrical equipment, medical supplies or food, when you are sending your products, you want to ensure your products are safe and secure against tampering after they leave your production site.

    Packaging security seals play a crucial role in protecting your products. Whether you use them for storing items or transporting, security seals make sure your packages remain protected and secured.

    Security seals are designed to prevent unauthorised access to your products by making it obvious when somebody has tampered with them. They do this by leaving fragments/text of themselves on the packaging or breaking into several pieces when anyone attempts to remove them.

    Why Use Packaging Security Seals

    • Protection against tampering. As products travel, multiple people at multiple facilities handle them before they reach the end consumers. With several people having access to your products, there’s a huge risk of damage or tam

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  6. UK Packaging Trends in the COVID-19 Era

    As in most industries, the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the packaging sector. The impact of COVID-19 has been wide and varied and will also be long-lasting.

    The pandemic has not only changed our lives as we knew it, but it is expected to influence our daily life for the next 12 to 18 months. This uncertainty has impacted consumer attitudes towards packaging solutions too.

    In this post, we look at some of the key packaging trends in the UK during the COVID-19 era.

    Single-Use Packaging on The Rise

    Owing to consumer concerns about the safety of reusable packaging, many businesses have favoured single-use disposable packing solutions over reusable packaging.

    Moreover, a recent study found that consumer attitudes towards packaging have completely changed since the pandemic. About 68% of consumers state they have a more positive attitude towards single-use packaging.

    This stands in stark contrast to the growing conc

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  7. Tips for Safely Packaging Electronic Products

    Shipping electronics can be a cause for worry; there’s always the risk of damage in transit. Electrical products are particularly difficult to ship – many shipping companies won’t insure them most of the time as they are fragile in nature.

    However, it’s not impossible to safely ship your electronic product. In this post, we share some safety tips for packaging electronic products.

    Use the Right Sized Box

    Give a thought to the type and size of box you will use to package your electronic product. Avoid using a box that is too small; your product will need some room after it has been wrapped and packaged. Be sure to pick a cardboard box that is sturdy, thick and can take pressure.

    This is crucial because if the package is stacked beneath other boxes, it could crumple under the weight, which can damage the product inside.

    The Packaging

    Start by taking any antistatic measures necessary. This will be needed for individual

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  8. What to Consider with Parcel Shipping During the Coronavirus?

    The Coronavirus pandemic has affected eCommerce businesses and the logistics industry alike. Across the logistics industry, carriers are feeling extreme pressure of the outbreak and shipping products has become quite a task.

    Add to that the whole range of safety issues and the risk of transmitting the virus through packages, parcel shipping isn’t the same as before.

    Here are some things to consider when shipping your products to customers during these COVID-19 times.

    Inform Customers about Delays in Shipping Time

    During the early months of the outbreak, with people staying at home due to the lockdown, online orders increased, and more small packages were reaching consumers directly.

    Online orders have rapidly increased since March and businesses across the UK are scrambling to meet the increased demand.

    Be sure to notify your customers that there might be delays in shipping. Announce this on your website, in order

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  9. Study Shows Strong Support for Paper Packaging from European Consumers

    We all understand the importance of recycling to our environment, and how we should be always looking for more ways to be more sustainable.

    Campaigning group Two Sides and global campaign Love Paper organised a European Packaging Preferences 2020 study, together with independent research company Toluna.

    They spoke to 5,900 consumers from nine European countries, including the UK.

    People were asked to decide what their favourite packaging material was (paper/cardboard, glass, metal or plastic), they had to base their decision on 15 environmental, practical and visual attributes.

    Paper/cardboard was the clear winner having been chosen for 10 out of the 15 attributes, with glass being chosen for four and metal for one.

    63% of the respondents said that paper/cardboard was the best for the environment, and 57% saying that it was the easiest material to recycle.

    Getting packages delivered has never been more popular, d

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  10. Coronavirus - Company Update

    We are still open for business!

    At Tripak Ltd, our dedicated team are committed to ensuring our services remain undisturbed as much as possible, during these challenging and uncertain times.

    Stock - thousands of products still in stock today, ready for quick delivery.

    Keep in contact - remember to provide us with your contact details, so that we can keep you updated with your orders.

    Shop online & drop shipping available

    Contact us today for any more information - 0191 495 0101

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