1. Tips for Safely Packaging Electronic Products

    Shipping electronics can be a cause for worry; there’s always the risk of damage in transit. Electrical products are particularly difficult to ship – many shipping companies won’t insure them most of the time as they are fragile in nature.

    However, it’s not impossible to safely ship your electronic product. In this post, we share some safety tips for packaging electronic products.

    Use the Right Sized Box

    Give a thought to the type and size of box you will use to package your electronic product. Avoid using a box that is too small; your product will need some room after it has been wrapped and packaged. Be sure to pick a cardboard box that is sturdy, thick and can take pressure.

    This is crucial because if the package is stacked beneath other boxes, it could crumple under the weight, which can damage the product inside.

    The Packaging

    Start by taking any antistatic measures necessary. This will be needed for individual

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  2. What to Consider with Parcel Shipping During the Coronavirus?

    The Coronavirus pandemic has affected eCommerce businesses and the logistics industry alike. Across the logistics industry, carriers are feeling extreme pressure of the outbreak and shipping products has become quite a task.

    Add to that the whole range of safety issues and the risk of transmitting the virus through packages, parcel shipping isn’t the same as before.

    Here are some things to consider when shipping your products to customers during these COVID-19 times.

    Inform Customers about Delays in Shipping Time

    During the early months of the outbreak, with people staying at home due to the lockdown, online orders increased, and more small packages were reaching consumers directly.

    Online orders have rapidly increased since March and businesses across the UK are scrambling to meet the increased demand.

    Be sure to notify your customers that there might be delays in shipping. Announce this on your website, in order

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  3. Study Shows Strong Support for Paper Packaging from European Consumers

    We all understand the importance of recycling to our environment, and how we should be always looking for more ways to be more sustainable.

    Campaigning group Two Sides and global campaign Love Paper organised a European Packaging Preferences 2020 study, together with independent research company Toluna.

    They spoke to 5,900 consumers from nine European countries, including the UK.

    People were asked to decide what their favourite packaging material was (paper/cardboard, glass, metal or plastic), they had to base their decision on 15 environmental, practical and visual attributes.

    Paper/cardboard was the clear winner having been chosen for 10 out of the 15 attributes, with glass being chosen for four and metal for one.

    63% of the respondents said that paper/cardboard was the best for the environment, and 57% saying that it was the easiest material to recycle.

    Getting packages delivered has never been more popular, d

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  4. Coronavirus - Company Update

    We are still open for business!

    At Tripak Ltd, our dedicated team are committed to ensuring our services remain undisturbed as much as possible, during these challenging and uncertain times.

    Stock - thousands of products still in stock today, ready for quick delivery.

    Keep in contact - remember to provide us with your contact details, so that we can keep you updated with your orders.

    Shop online & drop shipping available

    Contact us today for any more information - 0191 495 0101

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  5. Top Benefits of Using Shrink Wrap

    Using shrink wrap for packing has numerous practical benefits, besides their aesthetic appeal. A shrink wrap is an eco-friendly and lightweight plastic film that is draped around an article using a shrink wrap gun. If you’re looking for packaging shrink systems, our specialists can help.

    At Tripak, we supply a variety of packing shrink systems, including ‘Hot Air Shrink Gun’, ‘PVC Shrink Film System’ and ‘Shrink Wrapper’.

    In this post, we take a look at some of the top benefits of using shrink wrap.

    Space Saving

    Shrink wrap is a great way to pack several products together, thereby maximising storage. Warehouses and storerooms can use shrink wrap to stock a vast number of items by packing them together, thereby making good use of storage space.

    Just imagine the number of extra items you can store in your refrigerator by wrapping vegetables and fruits in shrink wrap instead of putting them in cartons.


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  6. New Tax Targeted at Plastic Packaging from 2022

    Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer declared during the inaugural Budget presented by the majority government that plastic packaging would be taxed from 2022. The chancellor made it known that the levy on plastic packaging with recycled ingredients below 30% will be effective from April 2022. It is expected that the introduction of the new tax would go a long way in encouraging the uptake and use of biodegradable packaging by about 40%.

    Mr Sunak announced that the proposed tax would prove instrumental in dealing with the menace of polluting plastics. The Treasury, on the other hand, proclaimed the allocation of £700,000 for bolstering the IT competencies needed to supervise the prospective ‘Extended Producer Responsibility’ packaging scheme. The chancellor also disclosed a proposal for withdrawing the tax waiver on red diesel-a highly polluting fossil fuel.

    The move means that that businesses engaged in waste management and recycling will have to pay a s

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  7. The Main Advantages of Green Packaging

    Sustainability is a subject that many industries are putting more emphasis on in the modern world of business. Saving on energy consumption and protecting the environment offers many advantages to the companies and the public. The packing industry has opted for green packaging too. And we are now creating eco-friendly packaging solutions & products that offer the following advantages.

    Reducing Carbon Footprint

    You are responsible for the amount of carbon dioxide that you release to the atmosphere as you carry out your company activities. Packing your products using green packing significantly reduces your carbon footprint. The package is made of recyclable materials, which means that you will be reducing consumption of non-renewable resources.


    You can pack anything using the green packaging materials. From food to electric equipment, you cannot miss a green package that works for your product. Any company can use these pack

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  8. The Top Packaging Trends for 2020

    The past few years have seen different trends that are transforming packaging products & solutions. These trends respond to changes in consumer buying habits and it is essential to go with the trends to enjoy certain benefits in 2020. Several trends dominated in 2019 including smart packaging and the use of eco-friendly packaging materials. The future is here and more innovative trends are taking root. Here are the top packaging trends for 2020.

    Smart Packaging

    The idea of smart packaging came up a few years ago, but it is likely to dominate in 2020. As technological advancements evolve, new applications are enhancing the packaging of every product, from kids’ toys to electronics and foodstuffs.

    Technologies like RFID tech and QR codes are enhancing product tracking capabilities while augmented reality and gamification change how customers interact with products. Traditional packaging materials will be combined with digital technologies to highlight

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  9. A Guide to Antistatic Packaging

    Have you noticed the special packaging used these days to wrap a computer or electronic components? Electrical and electronic items are usually packed in antistatic bags to protect them from damage caused by ESD or electrostatic discharges.

    Most electronic and electrical components tend to be very susceptible to ESD and exposure to static electricity could completely damage the components’ internal circuitry.

    Antistatic packaging made from specialised plastics can help dissipate electrostatic discharges, preventing electronic goods from becoming ‘fried’.

    If you’re looking for a specialist supplier of antistatic bags, look no further. At TriPak, we provide a wide range of antistatic packaging bags to ensure you can deliver your shipment safely.

    What is Antistatic Packaging?

    Antistatic bags or antistatic packaging are crafted from special plastics known as plastic polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

    Computer or elect

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  10. What to Consider When Sending a Package?

    Whether you are a manufacturing company or a corporate office, it’s important to ensure your packages and parcels reach their destination safely. Pack the different products in appropriate packaging materials to ensure they withstand the rough handling at logistics distribution centres and hubs. At the same time, use the right packaging materials and fillers to ensure they are not ruined in transit. Let’s look at some essential things to consider when sending a package.

    Use Suitable Packing Materials

    Before you start packing the different items or products, make sure you have a ready stock of assorted packing materials like cartons, boxes, and envelopes. You can pack of large items in storage boxes you can use your boxes. Additionally, you can take advantage of cartons sold at your local post office.

    You can send greeting cards, bills, letters, and other important documents in manila or white envelopes or envelopes made from recycled paper. For docum

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