1. Why You Should Get a Packing Station

    Packaging plays a big part in numerous businesses, however it is not always easy to find materials or equipment to suit one’s individual needs. That is why packaging suppliers are now offering companies a wide range of items specifically tailored to their needs, which includes custom-made packing stations.

    What Can a Packing Station Offer my Business?

    Specialist manufacturers of packaging consumables serve clients in a range of sectors offering a variety of materials. This includes protective packaging, foams, films, bags, cartons, boxes, machinery, strapping tools, printed adhesive tapes and much more. Not only are items completely tailored from business to business, some materials or equipment can even be developed for a specific purpose or industry. Many will be able to supply goods from leading manufacturers in the packaging industr

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  2. A Guide to Subsea & Offshore Renewables

    The UK has enormous sources of renewable energy in the waves, tides and wind around our shores. Subsea and offshore renewables will contribute to our energy security needs in the future as well as helping us to reduce our carbon footprint.

    Offshore Wind Turbines

    Off shore wind is the dominant technology. The principal of a wind turbine is simple – the energy in the wind turns two or three rotor blades which are connected to a shaft, which consequently spins, turning a generator and producing electricity. This simplicity belies the challenges of operating off-shore. It is a harsh environment, making installation, operation and maintenance a feat of technological ingenuity. The offshore wind industry in the UK currently produces 9% of the UK’s electricity, producing about 15 terawatts of electrici

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  3. Packaging Your Post the Correct Way

    If you have a business which sends products through the post to customers or clients – whether it’s posters, food and drink or aircraft parts – you need the right tools to enable your goods to reach them in perfect condition.

    That’s why choosing the right packaging method and materials is vital when you’re in business. If your goods are damaged en route to the customer, not only do you gain an unhappy customer but you may also foster a bad reputation.

    What Packaging Method to Use?

    The type of packaging you use is obviously dictated by the goods you are sending. There is a huge range of bags, envelopes, box

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  4. The Importance Of Effective Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Pharmaceutical packaging is important as if they aren’t properly packaged, many of the medicines we rely on today would be largely ineffective or even dangerous. As a result, it goes without saying that packing companies who deal with pharmaceuticals have a huge responsibility and play a vital role in keeping people safe.

    In a similar way to the food industry, processing, handling and packaging of medicine must be carried out according to very specific protocols. Insecure packaging could lead to serious issues such as reduced shelf life, microbial growth and contamination. So while many people think of pharmaceutical packaging as somewhat annoying and sometimes difficult to cope with, it is actually the way it is for a very good reason.

    Multiple-Level Management

    A variety of techniques and materials are used within the pharmaceuticals industry, including bottles, blister packets and tubes. Yet it is not only the container which is carefully handled and cont

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  5. Fresh Food It's A Question Of Packaging

    Fresh food packaging will help keep your food fresh for as long as possible as it limits its exposure to oxygen, which is responsible for allowing the products to breathe.

    The material used for packaging is crucial in maintaining freshness and preventing decay, particularly in the case of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products.

    Why Package Fresh Foods?

    Not only does packaging protect the product’s shelf life and prevent contamination from other sources but also it protects the nutritional content. Packaged foods are slower to dehydrate and remain fresh for longer. Packaging also prevents spills and leakages, which is particularly important when stored with other products.

    Fresh food can be packaged in a variety of ways, such as trays, films and plastics. One way of packaging products suc

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  6. Which Materials Are Best For Packaging Electronics

    The phrase “electronics packaging” has two meanings. One is a specialised electronic engineering discipline, dealing with the casings which form part of an electronic product and protect the sensitive components from harm. The other, more obvious meaning is the way that electronics are packaged for distribution and sale. Sometimes this can seem no less technical than electronics packaging in the engineering sense.

    Outer Packaging

    The matter of outer packaging for electronics is the simplest. As with many other products these days, cardboard is almost universally used as the material for outer boxes. There are, however, some cases in which electronics will not actually need any kind of outer box. For example, this may be the case with smaller items such as memory cards, electronic components and smaller

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  7. What Makes Renewable Packaging Renewable

    Renewable packaging is packaging which has been specially designed to be more environmentally friendly, leaving less of an ecological footprint when it is manufactured, used and when it comes to the end of its life cycle.

    With consumers becoming increasingly concerned about environmental issues and sustainability, the impact the packaging industry makes on the world is rightly coming under ever closer scrutiny – and renewable packaging is the way forward.

    What is Renewable Packaging?

    In order to qualify as ‘renewable’, packaging must tick a number of boxes. It ought to be responsibly sourced from sustainable raw or recycled materials, and manufacturers might be expected to use renewable energy during its creation and transportation.

    Renewable packaging should also be ‘recoverable’, in other wo

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  8. Why Use Custom Packaging

    If you use packaging to ship products to customers and you don’t use custom boxes, then you could be missing out on a simple, yet effective, way of marketing your business.

    Marketing Opportunity

    More consumers are choosing to buy goods via the internet and this has resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of parcels that are being delivered every day.

    Consumers see packaging all around them and it is an ideal marketing mechanism that is both cost effective and practical. For example, they could see an item being delivered to a neighbour or be at work when a colleague receives a parcel sent to them. All of these marketing opportunities could be missed if you don’t have a unique, branded form of packaging.

    With custom packaging you have the opportunity to drive more customers to your online store, as they will recognise the branding from the box

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  9. What Materials Are Used In Aerospace Packaging

    In today’s global manufacturing environment, industries such as aerospace source their products globally. When transporting industrial goods, the type of packaging used is crucial; in addition, with many options available in today’s marketplace, a good packaging solution designed around the product being transported is vital. Many factors must be considered in industrial transportation when creating custom packaging solutions for the aviation and aerospace industries, along with reducing the costs of aerospace packaging and optimising the supply chains.

    There are many kinds of aerospace packaging material available today. Aerospace is a very high-tech industry where quality standards are essential; therefore, not only must components and spares have high manufacturing standards to ensure quality but they also deman

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  10. Polyster Strapping vs Steel Strapping

    Historically all strapping had been handled using steel but now many organisations are moving to polyester. This migration is being driven by several factors. These include cost when the steel price is high and ease of handling associated with the lower weight of polyester. Polyester is also safer when cut under tension.

    Polyester strapping is generally cheaper than steel, especially when the price of steel is at a peak. However, if the only consideration for change is price then you will need to remember to factor in the price of the new strapping tools that will be required. Thankfully, the range of polyester strapping tools is growing all the time.

    Health and Safety issues with steel banding


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