1. Which Materials Are Best For Packaging Electronics

    The phrase “electronics packaging” has two meanings. One is a specialised electronic engineering discipline, dealing with the casings which form part of an electronic product and protect the sensitive components from harm. The other, more obvious meaning is the way that electronics are packaged for distribution and sale. Sometimes this can seem no less technical than electronics packaging in the engineering sense.

    Outer Packaging

    The matter of outer packaging for electronics is the simplest. As with many other products these days, cardboard is almost universally used as the material for outer boxes. There are, however, some cases in which electronics will not actually need any kind of outer box. For example, this may be the case with smaller items such as memory cards, electronic components and smaller

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  2. What Makes Renewable Packaging Renewable

    Renewable packaging is packaging which has been specially designed to be more environmentally friendly, leaving less of an ecological footprint when it is manufactured, used and when it comes to the end of its life cycle.

    With consumers becoming increasingly concerned about environmental issues and sustainability, the impact the packaging industry makes on the world is rightly coming under ever closer scrutiny – and renewable packaging is the way forward.

    What is Renewable Packaging?

    In order to qualify as ‘renewable’, packaging must tick a number of boxes. It ought to be responsibly sourced from sustainable raw or recycled materials, and manufacturers might be expected to use renewable energy during its creation and transportation.

    Renewable packaging should also be ‘recoverable’, in other wo

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  3. Why Use Custom Packaging

    If you use packaging to ship products to customers and you don’t use custom boxes, then you could be missing out on a simple, yet effective, way of marketing your business.

    Marketing Opportunity

    More consumers are choosing to buy goods via the internet and this has resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of parcels that are being delivered every day.

    Consumers see packaging all around them and it is an ideal marketing mechanism that is both cost effective and practical. For example, they could see an item being delivered to a neighbour or be at work when a colleague receives a parcel sent to them. All of these marketing opportunities could be missed if you don’t have a unique, branded form of packaging.

    With custom packaging you have the opportunity to drive more customers to your online store, as they will recognise the branding from the box

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  4. What Materials Are Used In Aerospace Packaging

    In today’s global manufacturing environment, industries such as aerospace source their products globally. When transporting industrial goods, the type of packaging used is crucial; in addition, with many options available in today’s marketplace, a good packaging solution designed around the product being transported is vital. Many factors must be considered in industrial transportation when creating custom packaging solutions for the aviation and aerospace industries, along with reducing the costs of aerospace packaging and optimising the supply chains.

    There are many kinds of aerospace packaging material available today. Aerospace is a very high-tech industry where quality standards are essential; therefore, not only must components and spares have high manufacturing standards to ensure quality but they also deman

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  5. Polyster Strapping vs Steel Strapping

    Historically all strapping had been handled using steel but now many organisations are moving to polyester. This migration is being driven by several factors. These include cost when the steel price is high and ease of handling associated with the lower weight of polyester. Polyester is also safer when cut under tension.

    Polyester strapping is generally cheaper than steel, especially when the price of steel is at a peak. However, if the only consideration for change is price then you will need to remember to factor in the price of the new strapping tools that will be required. Thankfully, the range of polyester strapping tools is growing all the time.

    Health and Safety issues with steel banding


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  6. Which Parts Of The Packaging Are Recyclable

    A decade ago, the vast majority of packaging went straight into the all-purpose waste bin, or was burned. Today’s focus on recycling solutions means that there is far more scope for recycling, and far less need to send everything to landfill. This short guide will help you to get your packaging into the right bins.

    The Basics

    Cardboard and paper can always be recycled, except in some cases where decorative paper has metallic stencilling over it. Always check if you are unsure.

    Packing peanuts are plastic and cannot usually be recycled. The best way to deal with them is to re-use wherever possible. If the packing peanuts can be kept clean and dry they will give plenty of service, whether you can re-purpose them into transport boxes, or use them for your own safe storage.

    Plastic s

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  7. Tapes For All Uses And Purposes

    Tape doesn’t end with Sellotape, in fact there’s a surprisingly wide range of specialist and technical tapes out there. Useful for industrial or workplace purposes as well as different jobs around the home, we take a closer look at the myriad of general purpose and technical tapes available.

    General Purpose Tape Categories

    Arguably the second most famous tape after Sellotape, masking tape is actually a subcategory in itself that includes a number of different variations. General purpose masking tape is ideal for DIY and painting jobs around the home. More specialist masking tape includes automotive masking tape which is used extensively throughout the industry for paintwork because it doesn’t leave any residue when removed.

    Often referred to as duct tape, cloth tape is a ge

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  8. New Website Launched

    Our New Tripak website has launched, with refreshed browsing experience to better help our trade customers find the products they need and get a quote on their order. Find details and specifications on our full range of packaging materials, tools and accessories to keep your product wrapped, protected and safe from your business to customer.

    Browse our online catalogue to find the products you need, add them to our “Quotes List” and send off to our team to get in touch and process your order.

    Let us know what you think of our site!

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